Bridesmaid slammed for saying she's 'too tired' to go to friend's wedding 9 months ago

Bridesmaid slammed for saying she's 'too tired' to go to friend's wedding

"I had a baby three months ago and she isn't sleeping on a night at all."

A new mum has been slammed on the internet after she said she is "too tired" to go to her friend's wedding - where she is meant to be a bridesmaid.

The woman explained on Mumsnet that she had given birth three months ago, and the little girl hasn't been sleeping well.

In fact, she added: "I'm lucky if I get 2 hours sleep. I'm exhausted to a point I feel sick."

The woman explained that she knew she would be "lucky to get even 3 hours sleep" the night before the wedding, and she felt she would be in "no fit state" for the celebrations.

"I feel so sick and exhausted with tiredness. The wedding is at 1pm but she wants me over at 9am for makeup and hair. I don't know what to do," she continued.

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The woman asked if it would be "unreasonable" to skip out on going to the wedding - and the reaction was fairly one-sided.

Many felt that the woman should have left her friend/the bride know how she was feeling in the months leading up to the wedding, rather than the night before.

Someone said:

"It’s one of your best friends weddings. You suck it up and go. In ten years time you will regret not going."

A different parent commented:

"You can’t let her down the day before the wedding.

"Drink a shit ton of coffee, get your DP to get up tonight if baby wakes.

"Text your friend now and tell her how exhausted you and ask if you can come over a bit later and be the last one to get your hair and make up done.

"Then go to the wedding, spend an hour or so at the evening reception then go home to bed."

Another added:

"Sorry, I think you need to battle through tomorrow. I understand the exhaustion, but your friendship won't recover if you let her down the night before her wedding.

"And you'll kick yourself in years to come."