Bridezilla issues guests with dress code based on their weight...and it gets even worse 1 year ago

Bridezilla issues guests with dress code based on their weight...and it gets even worse


Wait, WHAT?

A bride-to-be sparked outrage after she issued her guests with a dress code for her wedding day that divides people according to how much they weigh.

The message, which was reportedly shared in an Australian Facebook group, has the woman demanding the guests spend at least €633 (around $1,000 AUS) on their outfits on the evening.

That's not including the pair of Louboutins or the Burberry scarf she wants the women to buy - or the formal attire everyone would need to wear afterwards.

The message began [via the Mirror]:

"Hey everyone! Who's ready for Hawaii 2019? In anticipation of the wedding, and believe me, I know it's a long way away...but I would still like to announce the dress code!

"I am giving you a long notice of a year and a half so that you will have time to find and pick out something nice.

"The dress code is very specific because it will be used to create an incredible visual effect.

"If done right, it will make our synchronised dancing along the beach really pop."

Women who weigh between 7 stone and 11st 6lb have been asked to wear a green velvet sweater, orange suede trousers, a Burberry scarf and Louboutin heels.

Meanwhile, those who weigh more than 11st 6lb have been told they need to wear a black sweater and black pants, as well as black heels.

And men who weigh 7 stone and 14 st 4lb have been told they have to wear a bizarre purple fuzzy jacket, a soda hat, pair of white trainers and glow sticks.

Men who weigh more than 14st 4lb have been instructed to wear an outfit that is all camouflage print, as well as a pair of black trainers.

Little ones should be dressed head-to-toe in "true red, not blood orange". And then the instructions get even more bizarre.

The bride-to-be asked her guests to have a second outfit for the celebrations - one which costs at least €633.

Reminding the guests that the venue is "very upscale", she added:

"If you look like trash, so will we.

"You have a year and a half to get working. No excuses! Mwah".