Calling all brides! This €40 Zara dress is perfect for day two of your wedding 3 years ago

Calling all brides! This €40 Zara dress is perfect for day two of your wedding

Calling all brides to be.

There's a lot of reasons to have a second dress for your wedding day, whether it's for the following day, the same evening or the night before.


Maybe you're keen on a jaw-dropping showstopper for the earlier part of the day but want something a little more casual for dancing later on.

Or if you're having an additional day of celebrations, maybe you're just looking for something that isn't quite as formal as a wedding dress.

Well, if you're after the perfect rehearsal dinner/day-two dress, we reckon we may have just found the perfect one.

This off-white mini dress from Zara looks a lot more expensive than its €39.95 price tag; plus that gorgeous lace panelling is always a bonus.


It would be a fantastic addition to any wedding wardrobe (seriously, how perfect would it be for a hen?) or even if you're just a massive fan of white dresses.

If you're looking for more inspiration for your wedding wardrobe, this €76 Topshop dress is IDEAL for day two of your celebrations.

More and more couples are now opting for a two days of festivities when they tie the knot - and we can totally see why.

It's chance to relax after the big day and more time to spend with friends and family - but it does mean you'll need a second outfit too.


While there's no serious expectation on the bride to wear white again the day after her wedding, it's a nice way to keep the bridal theme going.

If you do fancy it yourself, you couldn't go wrong with this divine tuxedo dress from Topshop.