Brides-to-be! The genius wedding tip that can save you a significant amount of cash 1 year ago

Brides-to-be! The genius wedding tip that can save you a significant amount of cash

Weddings are expensive.

We're all aware that the above statement is true but until you actually start planning a wedding, you don't realise just what's involved or have any idea of the (many) hidden costs you'll come up against in the lead up to the big day.


I'm currently planning a 2021 bash and although there are certain things that are non-negotiable, I'm also keen to figure out where I can cut costs in a budget-savvy manner.

I found choosing a photographer very difficult, probably not helped by the fact that I'm extremely indecisive at the best of times and when it comes to figuring out what's often described as "the best day of your life", even more so.

(Thankfully, my other half is a lot more practical, definitely a major help when you get too caught up in the little details).

When researching quotes and prices for various photographers, I was a bit thrown and many packages seemed to offer extras that I wasn't even sure I needed.


DIY isn't my strong point and I would have thought that getting a package with a wedding album as part of the deal was probably the best idea.

Until I was recommended otherwise.


A friend gave me some very valuable advice and suggested cutting the album out, which can actually save you a decent amount.

Not only that, it would be a lovely way to relive the memories after the big day by going through the photos and seeing which ones appeal to you the most and how you'd like to organise them.

I probably wouldn't even have asked if there was the option to chop and change but my photographer was very forthcoming about this being an option, making the decision very easy in the end.

If you change your mind and decide you do want an album included within your package closer to the time, many photographers will allow this but it's worth thinking about, especially if you're finding it difficult to cut costs.