This bride had a whopper DISNEY wedding, and cast all her guests as characters 3 months ago

This bride had a whopper DISNEY wedding, and cast all her guests as characters

The dream!

Have you ever wondered what the perfect wedding looks like?

Well get ready, because you're about to find out.

A Disney-obsessed bride recently threw the most amazing wedding ever.

The Cinderella-themed wedding had a princess gown and all that good stuff.

However, the best bit was that the bride assigned all of her guests a character from her favourite Disney films.


Emily Breden had always dreamed of having a fairytale wedding like Cinderella, so when she started planning her big day, she knew exactly what she wanted. 

Emily transformed herself into Cinderella for her Disney wedding, while her gorgeous groom wore a Prince Charming suit.

All wedding guests also embraced the theme and dressed up as iconic Disney characters. Amazing.

Emily said: "I've always been absolutely obsessed with Disney. I think watching all the movies over my childhood, the magic of it all just became ingrained in me."


"I loved them all. But my favourite was always Cinderella, so it made sense to become her for my wedding day."

"Jack wasn't sure at first, but once we started planning he really got into the idea. My family was very excited about it."

"I designated Disney characters to everyone, so we didn't have any double-ups."

"It was a bit of fun and something different. Some of my relatives said it was the best wedding they've ever been to."

"My mum made an entrance piece with an original Cinderella movie poster that she bought from America. All our centrepieces were Disney balloons too."

"I really felt like Cinderella and Jack is definitely my Prince Charming. I've only ever seen him cry when we had children, but when I walked up the aisle I could see his face was soaked."

"I'd definitely recommend this kind of wedding. It reflects who we are, and it's something we will remember forever."

What an amazing day it was!