Good Boy police dog sniffs out man's lost wedding ring on roadside 5 months ago

Good Boy police dog sniffs out man's lost wedding ring on roadside

The best boy there ever was.

Losing your wedding ring is probably one of the most stressful experiences to exist in this world.

Without actually knowing this for certain given the fact that I am extremely not married, one can still presume it to be true given the cost of such items, as well as the sentimental value they hold, probably.

Not only are you out of pocket, but you're also out of a spouse nonetheless, as they are absolutely bound to leave you once they discover what you have done.

If you had a police dog at your service though, you might just be the saved the hassle.

Or at least, you will be if you've got Odin sniffing about.

The police dog was alerted to the missing ring when Handler PC Carl Woodall spotted two men acting suspiciously with a torch in Northfield Road, Harbourne, UK.

Upon further inspection, he learned that the man had had a fight with his wife and thrown the ring away in a fit of rage.

He later returned to the scene to try and retrieve it - a feat that took dog Odin a mere two minutes.

“Apparently the man pulled the ring off and threw it in a momentary loss of temper… but very quickly regretted his actions and was desperate to find it," said PC Woodall.

“Our dogs are trained to sniff out human scent. The men said they’d been looking for quite some time and the ring was quite small, so I wasn’t confident there’d be enough scent for Odin.

“But he proved me wrong and indicated by the ring in a matter of seconds. It was in grass a couple of inches long. And of course it was pitch black. They could have spent all night and still not found it."

Truly the best boy.

Images via West Midlands Police.