Here are the three most popular engagement ring trends in Ireland this year 2 years ago

Here are the three most popular engagement ring trends in Ireland this year

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When it comes to engagement rings, some of the shapes (and colours) are definitely more popular than others - and, of course, there are always new trends emerging every year.


We spoke to Kate Appleby, of the Dublin-based Appleby Jewellers, to get the low-down on what has proven to be the most prominent engagement ring trends in Ireland in 2018 - and what kind of trends would be coming up next.

She told us that there were three particularly stand-out trends that they had noticed emerging this year - and, unsurprisingly, the royal wedding served as a huge inspiration for brides-to-be.

Kate said:

"Yellow gold is making a huge comeback. I think these days, and the last three or four years really, everyone has made a huge switch to yellow gold [with their jewellery].

"I think now, a lot of girls are thinking to themselves, 'well, if the rest of my jewellery is [yellow gold], I don't know why I'd stick with the white gold or platinum - so I'll get the yellow gold, as well.'

"Another trend that we've noticed is yellow diamonds, which I think is one we didn't necessarily expect.

"With Irish consumers, they tend to be more reserved with their purchases and stay quite classic. But there's been a surge in enquiries about yellow diamonds, and we've sold a huge amount this year already.

"Meghan Markle is probably the reason for [the third trend, the design of her ring], but she got a really nice cushion cut diamond - and that's the main focus of her ring, but she has two little rounds on either side.

“Basically, how we would describe her ring is a solitaire with side diamonds: it's not necessarily a three stone, but it's not a solitaire with a diamond set band. The center stone is still the main focus.

"The side diamonds could take any shape - one of our really big sellers is a round diamond, and it has a pear on either side.

"They start from a good price and look really, really well on as they have a nice spread across your hand."

Looking towards 2019, Kate said that it is "hard to know" what kind of trends are going to be emerging - although, more than likely, it's going to be pretty similar to this year.


She explained:

"It really depends on [which celebrity] is getting married next.

"I think that yellow gold is going to stick around, definitely. And I can only see that getting more popular.

"Because people want big, but big is expensive, I can see a lot of people sticking with the solitaire with side diamonds - you're getting show without spending a bomb.

"With the yellow diamonds, I don't know - it's hard to say. They are good value and not dying down, so I would say that could continue [into 2019]."

While Meghan's engagement ring proved to be particularly influential this year (and probably next year, too), there is another celebrity whose ring has been inspiring brides-to-be: Blake Lively.

Blake Lively's engagement ring

Kate said:

"Ever since Blake Lively got engaged, people have loved her style. She got a really nice oval diamond and her band was really fine. A lot of people come in looking for something like that.

"The only thing is that, when you get a really fine band, it can be top heavy - and the diamond can move a little bit.

"While we do understand that a lot of people love really fine settings, we sometimes can't go as fine as they want as we want the ring to be secure."

And, in the lead-up to the holiday season - where it is an all-but-sure-thing that plenty of people are going to be popping the question - Kate shared her advice to any couple's looking to pick out the engagement ring together.

She said:


"Don't feel like you have to know what you want when you come in; you might be asked if you have an idea, but if you don't, that's no problem.

"I would say, maybe, to think about what kind of metal you want: yellow gold or platinum or white gold. Look at your jewellery collection and see what you have more of.

"Other than that, I don't think you should try and plan too much - once you start to try them on, you'll get a feel for what you love."

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