Man tells fiancée to remove her twin from the bridal party in case people think she's the bride 1 year ago

Man tells fiancée to remove her twin from the bridal party in case people think she's the bride

A groom has gone viral after asking his fiancée to kick her twin sister out of the bridal party - as he thinks people will confuse her for the bride.

The 29-year-old explained he and his fiancée have been together for five years, and are due to tie the knot in just a few weeks. The bride-to-be's twin sister was named the maid of honour at the last minute - and that's where the problems arose.


He explained that after his fiancée picked long white dresses for the bridal party - something he called a "horrific decision" - and, as a result, he felt people may end up mistaking the bride's twin for the bride.

He told her that she had to change the colour of the dresses or get her sister to step down from the bridal party.

Rearview shot of a young bride and her bride's maids standing together outside during the day

"Not only will they all be in white, I am worried as my wife and her twin are identical, people will be confused all day who the bride is," he said on Reddit"We have over 400 guests and a lot of people will be thinking that [the twin sister] is the bride. [His fiancée] really really doesn't seem bothered by this at all and said she absolutely won't change the bridesmaids dresses."

"I suggested asking [her sister] to step down as (bridesmaid or moh honestly don't understand the difference) so she could wear a different colour to avoid confusion. [The bride] was literally disgusted by this idea and shot it down immediately," he continued.

"I asked why she wouldn't consider my sister and she said seeing as my sister lived across the country and they had only met a handful of times she wasn't comfortable with it."


The man then told his fiancée she "needed to come up with an alternative" as he wasn't comfortable with the entire thing.

"The bridesmaids being in white makes me feel like its some crazy multi wife wedding and I'm marrying them all, including her twin," he added. "I  put my foot down and refused to do it all her way but it's an unstoppable force against an unmoving object. Finally, [sister] called me up to ask me to drop it and said I was stressing [bride] out and upsetting her."

The original poster said that he intended to stand by his decision, as the wedding will be a "confusing mess" if he didn't. He then asked his fellow Reddit users for advice as to whether he was in the wrong or not.

Plenty of commenters wondered how he could mistake the two women, noting the differences between the two dresses, while others were simply baffled by the whole scenario.