Prague has been named the best place in the world for a hen party 3 years ago

Prague has been named the best place in the world for a hen party

Planning a hen do?

It's a pretty big responsibility. You've got a lot of people to please, the mother of the bride, all the other bridesmaids and of course the bride herself.


After all, unless you all met on the school hockey team or share an appreciation for charcoal sketching however, choosing an activity guaranteed to entertain everyone on the trip (from the bride's granny to her teetotal colleague) is a challenge indeed.

While each stag and hen party is unique, we can all agree on these three things: the activity must be out of the ordinary (hint: not shopping); it can't be too cheesy (nobody wants to make a hat or paint watercolours); and it must involve everybody.

Plus, you have to figure out where you're going to have the hen do - are you going to do a destination party? Or stay closer to home?


It's enough to make your head spin. However, it's not all bad news.

A study conducted by Mecca Bingo examined all of the key hen party ingredients - including the weather, how much food and alcohol cost, and how good the nights out are - to find the top destinations.

According to Pretty 52it was the capital of the Czech Republic which came out on top.

The research said:


"With a score of 9.6, Czech capital Prague, tops the list with an excellent mix of things you could want for a perfect hen do.

"It has an enormous 620 bars and clubs, which is the second highest amount out of all the cities, making it an excellent night out.

"More 'early night' than 'crazy night'? You could have a spa weekend and choose from one of Prague's 161 establishments."

Barcelona, London, Madrid and Budapest were also among the five best destinations for a hen party.

Rounding out the top 10 destinations were Sofia, Berlin, Moscow, Bangkok and Krakow.