Woman asks if her cut-out dress is OK for a wedding and Jesus, it really isn't 2 years ago

Woman asks if her cut-out dress is OK for a wedding and Jesus, it really isn't

Wedding guest attire can be a bit of a minefield but most of us probably know where the line is.

No white, nothing that would upstage the bride and definitely no cut-out dresses held together by diamanté bands.


That last one should be a given but it's something that one woman wanted to double-check recently when she asked about it online.

The anonymous woman shared an image of a dress she'd bought to Facebook, saying she wanted to give it an outing and wondered whether it'd be suitable for a wedding.

The dress is black and features a fairly significant cut-out detail down the side. broken up by strips of sparkly material in a ladder pattern.

"Have to attend a wedding in about 3 weeks. I own this dress and I've never worn it yet," she wrote.

"Is it too much for a wedding? Or is it possibly appropriate?"

Her post was screen-grabbed and shared on a wedding shaming page where, unsurprisingly, most people didn't think the dress was a good idea.


"That dress is just not for a wedding. If you can pull it off, that's great for you, just don't wear it to a wedding."

"No no no, not for a wedding at all."

"Don't do it."

Not everyone hated it though

"I definitely wouldn't mind this at my wedding. I mean, it's a party, right? So what's the big deal?" wrote one woman.

"It's a party dress and we've having a party. Way too many people view their wedding as their super serious affair full of meaning and ritual," said another.

We have to say, it's a no from us.

It's not so much that it's revealing, it's more that it looks like something a minor reality star would have worn to a night club opening back in 2010.


Fingers crossed the woman managed to dig something else out of the wardrobe for the occasion.