Woman explains how she knew she'd leave her husband... six months before she married him 1 year ago

Woman explains how she knew she'd leave her husband... six months before she married him


A woman has explained how she knew she was going to leave her husband, six months before she got married to him.

Khara Williams said that she met her ex-husband when she was just 15-years-old.

The blogger wrote that during that time, her life was exciting and that anything new the pair did together was "like an adventure."

After awhile though, she said she lost her own sense of purpose.

On her blog, she wrote that she knew she was going to leave him before she even married him.

"That’s hard to put down on paper, because it makes me sound, well, cruel," she wrote.

"But life and love isn’t black and white and I did love and adore him. We were best friends, but in many ways I also felt like his mother. And yet I just kept going because at that age, I genuinely thought it was the right thing to do.

"Maybe this was how all grown-up relationships felt? Maybe this is what marriage is all about, maybe the love develops and grows over time? Maybe this is just how it feels to be with someone for the rest of your life? I questioned myself daily, even though I knew deep down, that wasn’t how it was supposed to feel. At all."

Khara went on to say that her marriage did eventually break down when she was 24-years-old.

She said that she suffered and that the pain was intense, but that she knew she wasn't the first person to get married young.

"We weren’t the first two people in the world to marry too young and we won’t be the last," she wrote.

"And every second of my past has brought me to where I am today – a wife, a mother and a businesswoman striving to help other women find their purpose. There’s not a single part of that sentence that would lead me to regret the way I got here."

Khara finished her blog post by saying that she was glad she followed her own dreams, even though her life is still a "work in progress."

"This is your path," she said. "The direction you choose to take it in is entirely up to you."

You can read Khara's post in full here.