About Her.ie

Her.ie is the smart, current and edgy digital destination for Irish women, boasting more than 2.3 million unique users each month.

Treating every reader like a close friend, Her.ie has garnered a loyal and vocal social audience that enjoys digesting content in all forms.

Maximum Media, the umbrella brand behind JOE.ie, Her.ie, SportsJOE.ie, HerFamily.ie and most recently JOE.co.uk, is Ireland’s fastest-growing online publishing company.

In just three years, Her.ie has amassed a following of 450k across Twitter and Facebook, providing the perfect gathering ground for Irish women to discuss and share personal stories, experiences and opinions.

Her.ie writes for every woman. Those who contribute in small but significant ways, those that inspire and lead, and those that are guaranteed to make you laugh. Her.ie speaks to its readers instead of at them, which is why it has become a firm fixture in the daily lives of Irish women.

The Her.ie Team

We're adapting and constantly growing, and to show our commitment to the evolution of Her.ie, we’ve hired some incredibly talented women that have blown us away. This adds to the straight up ladies that are only now getting their chance to shine.



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Deputy Editor, Cassie Delaney, one of the brightest women on the block that will have Her Say on any topic. Usually found instructing from behind the camera, Delaney is passionate about social issues and empowering women. The Adele fanatic likes to think she’s funny but you’ll be the judge of that.

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Fashion and Beauty Editor, Cathy Donohue, our Galway girl that has expanded our fashion horizons, taking us from the basement bargains to the heart of London Fashion Week. Donohue likes the finer things in life, having the ability to be the first to find the latest trend in beauty, fashion, accessories and the rest.


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Ciara Knight, the lady you never knew you wanted as your best friend. Life though her eyes bring a degree of hilarity that is normally reserved for you and your closest pal. Knight is a social media superhero that is guaranteed to give you a stitch from laughing with her ability to take the mick out of the mundane. #FollowForLaughs

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Entertainment Editor, Laura Holland, taking the lead role on our entertainment coverage, your sounder and sounding board for what’s what. Holland has interviewed everyone from the cast of Entourage to Ed Sheeran, Russell Crowe to Saoirse Ronan and frequented more than a fair share of red carpets. She’s our one to watch.