This LVA and Jameson video shows just how great Irish pubs are for bringing people together 2 years ago

This LVA and Jameson video shows just how great Irish pubs are for bringing people together

Brought to you by LVA and Jameson

There's a reason "The Local" is always a bar.


Long, long before we had tasted our first sip of any alcohol, pubs were a hive of fun and community. It was where our parents would go to meet their friends and chat or watch a match while us kids ran around outside in the garden.

Years later, we're the ones meeting up with friends and we can safely say that pubs and bars have remained as community-driven as always. LVA and Jameson's new video depicts this people-centred aspect of pubs perfectly.

It's a compilation of friends meeting up, having a laugh, and just all around enjoying themselves. Sure, what more do you want from a day out with the mates?

Pubs are so much more than just the drinks we have there (though we do love a little tipple in the evening) and you can really see that in Dublin pubs. No matter which bar you step into, you can be sure to find pool tables, dart boards, cards, or even board games around the place. Pubs have grown with us and so they reflect the community we've become.

As a country, we are a group of people that, let's be real, are always up for the craic and searching for the next good time to be had. More often than not, we can find those good times in Dublin pubs. Even if we can't find them, we can almost always make them. We're a people famous for our ability to make friends with complete strangers and we frequently spend the night chatting to folks that we met five seconds ago.

Pubs have been a part of Irish society for so many years that it makes sense that they are, in many ways, the heart of our community today. They are where the best memories are made, where friendships are created, and where banter 'till the sun comes up is had. No better place to be, really.


Jaysus, all this talk about pubs and community has us desperate for a meet up at the local now. Perhaps a cheeky little Jameson too...

Brought to you by LVA and Jameson