Her Christmas Gift Guide: 10 sustainable and clean beauty brands you'll want to pop on the gift list (and your wishlist) 1 year ago

Her Christmas Gift Guide: 10 sustainable and clean beauty brands you'll want to pop on the gift list (and your wishlist)

In the lead-up to Christmas, we here at Her want to make those sustainable, Earth-loving gifts, known to all. To see those click here. For now, it's time to talk sustainable beauty and if you think there's something worth adding to our list below, please do get in touch.

Paint yourself green!


It's no secret that the makeup and beauty industry has a long, long way to go in terms of ensuring everything from packaging to ingredients is as sustainable, eco-friendly and as natural as possible.

With Christmas looming, there are plenty of calls to purchase the perfect gift however, one with reduced impact on the environment and indeed our skin. Well, good news friends, because making a conscious effort to be eco-friendly and sustainable is getting simpler by the day.

Here are a few beauty brand ideas that are sure to tick those beauty boxes.

1. Codex/Bia

Codex Beauty is a company that was founded in California by scientist/biologist Barbra Paldus and it acquired Irish beauty brand Bia last summer.

Plenty of you are probably already familiar with Bia Beauty, launched by Cork herbal scientist Tracey Ryan. Now, under Codex, the brand is available at a global level (LA, New York) so you might see it referred to as Bia by Codex Beauty.


Codex's aim is to build a whole bunch of brands that are built on using pharmaceutical grade processes, that use clinical trials and that are organic and vegan. The company wants its packaging to be more sustainable too so have opted for 'the highest level of green polyethylene (Green PE) possible,' minimizing the brand's carbon footprint and guaranteeing a safe shelf life for its products. The first of these was, of course, Bia.

For a fantastic beauty gift, opt for the Bia Skin Superfood (€55). It nourishes and hydrates the skin, plus its herbal formula works wonders for dry and irritated skin. Definitely a wonder product and its smells divine (naturally, of course!).

2. Tan Organic

One you're definitely familiar with but the first and only Eco-Certified tanning brand in the WORLD. Whether you opt for the lotion or oil version, your 84 percent aloe vera-based tan is suitable for both face and body, and it comes in a glass bottle.


Tan Organic is made entirely from natural and organic ingredients with no perfumes or nasty smells (or more added smells to cover up other kinds of bad smells) parabens or colours added. It's actually hydrating and is suitable for anyone who is pregnant or who has more sensitive skin.

Add the Tan Organic self-tan oil (€24.99) to your gift list to give your tan-addict mate the most beautiful golden yet natural glow.

Eco-certified, vegan, cruelty-free

3. LUSH Cosmetics


The master of the bath bomb, the purveyor of vibrant coloured beauty balms and bubble bars — LUSH is a long-loved brand of many.

LUSH cosmetics are 100 percent vegetarian, while the majority of products are vegan and the brand is really putting in an effort to be a zero-waste packaging pioneer with its packaging-free shops and packaging-free products on the rise. Other brands and industries could take a leaf out of this book!

First thing you have to appreciate about LUSH is its effort to be open, honest and forthright about various policies in place, whether in relation to business conduct, its stance on animal testing, charities it supports and how, plus its environmental policy and more. You can find all that here (and in a way that's super comprehensible).


For gifting, there's a ridiculous amount to choose from. When you purchase you have the opportunity to have your gift wrapped in paper made from waste organic banana tree stems or renewable Lokta wraps (that's a plant from Nepal) too. Consider the Snow Fairy Glow Stick (€15) for a hydrating healthy look made from coconut and argan oils, plus the Snow Fairy Soap (€6) for a plastic-free, marshmallow root infusion.

Vegan, natural ingredients, safe synthetics

4. Beauty Kubes

I can say I've tried these babies myself and yes, I was outrageously sceptical in those initial moments. Would a lone cube (or Kube) even lather in my hair? How long would the little box last?

Turns out they lather beautifully, just one cube leaves hair feeling soft AF, it feels as though the cubes last forever (27 washes) and, my god, the smell is to die for. And yes, I find myself sniffing my own hair on the reg now.


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New Products! ✨ Our Sustainable Christmas Gift Set✨ Includes our lovely canvas bag packed with our luxurious body cream, hydrating face cream, Normal to Dry Shampoo, Unisex Shampoo and Bodywash and Conditioning Mask Kubes (giving you a total saving of £12 compared to if you bought these all separately!) Did you know plastic combs typically cause static, leaving hair dry and flyaway? Our new combs are perfect for use with our shampoo and conditioner and are healthier for your hair and scalp. Available to purchase individually or as part of our new bundle✨Check out the link in our bio for more details! . . . . . #beautykubes #comb #haircomb #bamboocomb #shampoo #conditioner #bodywash #plasticfreebundle #plasticfreegiftsforher #sustainablegifts #sustainablehaircare #giftset #ecogifts #ecogiftset #plasticfree #zerowaste #zerowastehaircare #hairgoals #christmas #christmasgifts #newproduct #newlaunch #canvas #canvasbag #plasticfreeshampoo #plasticfreeconditioner #conscious #ecoconscious #consciousgifting

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Made in Cornwall in the UK, the zero-waste Beauty Kubes are created with a biodegradable formula, they're sulphate-free, they contain no palm oil, they're vegan-friendly AND they're so affordable.

For gifting, there are Beauty Kubes for normal to dry hair (€12), the shampoo for oily hair (€12), the conditioning hair mask (€15) and the shampoo & body wash for men (€12).

Sulphate-free, silicone-free, plastic-free, vegan, palm-free

5. Axiology

Hello beautiful! 'Tis the season to don a rich red lip after all, so if you're going to do it, do it right with the vegan, cruelty-free, 10-ingredients-only lipstick. It's '100 percent evil-free' lipstick and we likey!


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Founded by animal lover and makeup fanatic Ericka Rodriquez, the brand launched in 2014 in Oregon, USA, and sweet lord, they're a beautiful vibrant-coloured, moisturising bunch of lippies!

The easiest places you're going to find Axiology is if you're shopping in the UK, Germany, France or online. We promise though, it makes for a perfect gift and a gorgeous look for around €34.

Organic, vegan-friendly

6. Dublin Herbalists

With products for face, body and even baby, plenty have grown rather fond of this therapeutic, all-natural and Irish range. Launched in 2013 by herbalist and naturopath Claire Brett, Dublin Herbalist products are clean, 100 percent natural, contain active ingredients, use minimal waste packaging and the brand is cruelty-free.

With so much to choose from between rebalancing oils, revitalising skincare and Floral Waters that rebalance the skin's PH, we're spoiled for choice.

For gifting, consider the Sweet Orange Lipbalm (€3.95) and the Refreshing Facial Toner (€14.95). If it's someone VERY special indeed, opt for the 3-Step Regenerating Ritual (€70.85) that contains the Every Day Cleansing Gel, the brand's Hydrating Face Serum and the Regenerating Face Cream. Divine.

Cruelty-free, natural, no parabens, toxin-free and hand-blended

7. Jo Browne

Reflexologist and holistic therapist Joanne Browne set up her natural solid perfume business in 2013 to create gentle, eco-friendly fragrances with eco bamboo packaging that are handmade using organic beeswax and essential oils.


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Super handy, too, as having your favourite solid perfume means easy travelling. Here's a whole list of stockists in Ireland where you can choose from sweet to oriental and woody fragrances that cost just €24. For gifting (or for yourself, of course) try the Jo Browne Solid Make Fragrance Woody Note — very fitting for the season that's in it.

Zero parabens, no artificial colours, no lanolin and cruelty-free

8. Ben & Anna Deodorant

Care for a little D.O. for the B.O.? Well, forget about that toxic stuff so many continue to use — yuck. Deodorants like Ben & Anna are kind to skin and the environment. The German brand was launched when couple Ben and Anna simply couldn't find a vegan deodorant that worked or one without aluminium/aluminum. Then came this baby.


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Ben & Anna Deodorant (€13) contains no chemical stabilisers, only the natural stuff like shea butter and soda. It goes on smooth and won't leave underarms feeling wet or sticky either. You'll also find it in various scents including Indian Mandarine, Persian Lime, Vanilla Orchid, Provence and Nordic Timber.

9. Eco Tools

Makeup brushes are most often NOT recyclable. They contain so many different pieces and kinds of plastics, metals, glues and hairs (whether real or synthetic) that makes them not so Earth-friendly at all. However, there are some brands out there that have stepped up to the plate and created outstanding products that truly compete while helping the planet.


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One, is Eco Tools. The brand's makeup brushes are created using recycled aluminium and plastics while the handles are made of renewable bamboo. Plus, all the makeup brushes in the collection are cruelty-free and vegan. Opt to gift the much-loved Full Powder brush (€8.96) and the Define and Highlight Duo (€11.95).

10. Three Hills Soap Spearmint Lip Balm

Available at thekind.co and The Conscious Christmas store in Dublin, this is the ultimate eco-friendly lippy (€4.50). Now, who among us doesn't require a little protection against chapped lips?


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Making for the perfect little add-on or stocking filler, this fresh and reviving balm is super moisturising thanks to its recipe of cocoa butter, natural oils and added Vitamin E. Its entirely recyclable packaging makes it a winner too!

And there you have it darlings. Go forth and give the gift of green this festive beauty season.