4 easy (and totally gorgeous) ways to upgrade your ponytail this autumn 3 years ago

4 easy (and totally gorgeous) ways to upgrade your ponytail this autumn

Do you basically live in a ponytail?

Yup, us too.


The main reason for this is time – trying to get everyone ready in the morning, between schoolbags and lunchboxes and Cheerios spills and lengthy discussions over whether or not someone needs to wear a rain coat, there is simply little time for complicted hair dos.

In fairness, a ponytail is often the easiest way to get your hair out of your face and look semi-pulled together fast – and the best news? It doesn't have to be boring or predictable at all – you just need these styling tricks up your sleeve.

Here are four easy way to take your ponytail to the next level:

1. Put a bow on it

Nothing will dress up an outfit (or your hair) like a bow. And don't worry – we are not talking about the JoJo version, mamas, but rather something a lot sleeker. All you need is a ribbon – and remember a skinny one will create a more subtle look.

Simply gather your hair in a low (or high) ponytail with a normal hair-tie, then tie the ribbon into a bow over it.


2. Double up

If you know how to create a ponytail, then you already know how to create this style. We love how the simple detail adds dimension for a modern take on the classic ponytail.

Here is how to create it: First, smooth hair into a ponytail, right between your temples, and secure with a clear elastic. Then, at the nape of the neck, tie another elastic onto the ponytail. Gently tug at the hair between the two elastics to rough it up. Finish by spritzing the whole ponytail with a texturizing spray for volume and matte texture.

3. Half-and-half


If you love the idea of a braid (so trendy in these Game of Thrones times), but find it too time-consuming (or tricky), we think you'll love this much easier to achieve half-and-half versions.

Use a texturizing spray – or, even better, opt for this style when it has been a couple of days since you washed your hair. Gather your hair in a not-perfect ponytail, then do a short braid, secure with hair tie and then let the bottom remain unbraided.

4. Silk scarf


Silk scarves are everywhere this season, so you'll easily pick one up if you don't already own one.

You can use one much like the ribbon above, to just tie around the base of a ponytail, or, like in the image below, you can gather your hair into a loose topknot, and use the silk scarf to hold it all in place. Both will look equally stylish, and will instantly make your 'mum bun' far more fashion forward.