My Perfectil 90 Day Challenge: How I knew the supplements were really working 3 years ago

My Perfectil 90 Day Challenge: How I knew the supplements were really working

How do you know something is really effective?

You stop using it and it stops working.


I'm coming up to the end of my Perfectil 90 Day Challenge and have really seen a difference.

My skin looks clearer and smoother; I've seen a lot of growth in my hair, and my nails, usually weak and prone to breaking, feel much more sturdy than they did previously.

If there were any doubt about it being a fluke, I accidentally put my Perfectil to the ultimate test when I went on a long weekend away and forgot to pack it.

I'd been taking it religiously for two and a half months at this stage so I was curious about whether having to go without it would have an effect.


Two days in, I began to notice a little more texture in my skin than I'd seen for quite a while. After four days, it was definitely duller and to my horror, I had a spot on my chin.

While it wasn't drastic, there was enough of a difference for me to conclude that the Perfectil had definitely been doing the trick. Safe to say that I rushed to take my dose as soon as I got home after my trip.

Overall, I'm really happy with how the challenge went. It was worth putting a significant chunk of time into it to see my progress and my accidental break made me sure that I'll be sticking with Perfectil into the future!



Brought to you by Perfectil. 

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Perfectil contains biotin to help maintain normal skin, zinc to help maintain normal hair and selenium to help maintain normal nails.

The supplements work from within, delivering nourishment through the bloodstream.


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So go on, embrace the true beauty of your skin, hair and nails, and see how effective that Perfectil really is.