6 fragrances that will take you STRAIGHT back to the Noughties 3 years ago

6 fragrances that will take you STRAIGHT back to the Noughties

Ahhhhh the Noughties, when buffalo runners and pencil thin eyebrows reigned supreme.

Some distinctive smells can transport you straight back to a certain period in your life, Noughties fashion usually gets a tough time (because it was awful) but we're still oddly proud of our perfume preferences.

Get ready for some serious nasal nostalgia: WARNING... some serious 'note notions' lie ahead.

JLo Glow - released in 2002, this came with it's very own body chain (yep), it has notes (sorry) of orange, grapefruit, jasmine, orris, irises, vanilla and musk. It brought in $300 Million for the singer in 2004. That shut us up.


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Ex'cla.ma't!on by Coty fragrance - We're on the fence with this one, some of the Her ladies are convinced this is 90's some  are insisting it's the noughties. We did all agree on one thing; it is the MOST confusing fragrance. The notes are far-reaching and endless, it's a powdery scent with citrus, cinnamon, musk, apricot, berries, rose, we could actually go on, but we have more fragrances to get through. This is also still available at some retailers. If you find it anywhere let us know, our Alison is gagging for a sniff.

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Britney Spears Fragrance  - There are 14 different perfumes available in this line. A veritable smorgasboard of sweet and sickly scents that left us practially sticky. We decided to go with Fantasy, released in 2005 it was the follow up to Curious. The bottle was our favourite, and it made us smell like cupcakes. Also kiwi, white chocolate and orchids, but mostly the cupcake thing.

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Impulse Body Sprays - These were THE go-to scent for every Noughties girl, mostly because we were all broke and they only cost a couple of Euros. Hint of Musk, True Love, Temptation, Into Glamour, Tease ... there was a fragrance for every situation. Although we're pretty convinced they all smell the same. They're still going strong today, with the likes of Charli XCX endorsing them.

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Cool Water by Davidoff - Okay, this one came out in 1988 (WHAT) and it's still going strong today, so we're not throwing shade. Maybe the reason why it's so synonomous with the Noughties is because Josh Holloway from Lost was the poster boy for the brand back in 2008 and we're ONLY HUMAN. Still smells great, brings us right back.

So..? Kiss Me - Last but not least, this gem made us all feel like our crush would kiss us at ANY MOMENT. 60% of the time it worked every time. The only problem we had with our fool proof plan was trying to break through the barrier of Lynx Africa. 

Sigh, take us back.