7 beauty essentials you should always keep in your handbag 4 years ago

7 beauty essentials you should always keep in your handbag

Having written about beauty for years, I have tried and tested my way through a lot of lotions and potions.

My bathroom shelf (and desk in work) is always overflowing with the latest serums and skin-transforming foundations (and everything else in between), and I will chop and change my beauty routine both often and ruthlessly.


But when it comes to the products I will always make sure I keep in my handbag, the ones I know will save me when I am on the go and far away from my well-stocked beauty arsenal at home, the selection is small but really hard-working and brilliant.

These must-haves are my lifesavers when I find myself with hands that are sandpaper dry, a break-out when I really need to look the part or skin that is distinctively less-than-luminous:

1. This Works In Transit Spray-On Moisture

This is perfect for those going-straight-from-work to dinner moments when your face needs a little pick-me-up. As well as that, I would not even think about boarding a plane anywhere without this little miracle worker in my handbag, as it ensures I look a lot fresher than what I actually feel (I travel for the most part with two kids in tow, so you can imagine how un-serene I feel upon arrival...)


Choc-a-bloc with repairing plant oils, the Spray On Moisture perfectly hydrates my often very thirsty skin, and is also proven to provide relief when you skin is stressed or flairs up.

Available from Arnotts, Harvey Nichols and well-stocked chemist nationwide


2. Vichy Idealia BB Cream


This cream (which just hides all your blemishes and gives you a gorgeous glow) is nothing short of a godsend for tired skin.

Seriously, just apply and go – and you'll look radiant and dewy in no-time. Oh, and it has SPF25, meaning you are protecting your skin from those harsh rays as well.

Available from Boots and good pharmacies nationwide.


3. Mac Studio Finish Concealer

Get help at the counter to pick the shade that is 100 percent right for you, and watch this creamy, dreamy concealer save you every time you have some under eye baggage or a blemish appears out of nowhere.


I can't live without mine.

Available from Brown Thomas and BT2


4. Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

The ultimate lip care treatment! This non-sticky oil, containing three different key plant extracts, will leave your lips feeling nourished, comfortable and perfectly plump. Apply alone or over lipstick for a lightly coloured and naturally shiny lip.

Available from Clarins counters nationwide.



5. Weleda Skin Food

I have been in love with Weleda's natural and chemical free products for years, and can fully understand why this cream is not only an absolute cult product but also a favourite with celeb mamas like Victoria Beckham, Claudia Schiffer and Miranda Kerr.

Skin Food can be used all over and is perfect for dry hands, knees and elbows. (I also slather it on my feet before going to bed at night, and use it in a thin layer on my face too when I feel my skin needs a little pick-me-up).

Available from good health food stores nationwide.

weleda skin food

6. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

My hair only looks the way I like it to look after a professional blow-dry, but the closest thing I can ever get to re-creating those perfect waves myself, is by using this spray. Oh, and it also gives my straighter-tan-straight hair more volume, making it a total lifesaver on those days when all I have managed is to wash and go.

Available from Boots.ie and selected retailers nationwide.


7. Rimmel Moisture Renew Sheer and Shine in Glow-rious Pink

The perfect, perfect pink shade that suits everyone and will make you feel oh-so-pretty (despite being stressed out, sleep-deprived and/or having a crap day!) Oh, and a total bargain buy too! Win/win!

Available from chemist nationwide.


(Feature image via Thatgracegirl.com)