#Bargain! 3 amazing tinted moisturisers that cost less than €10 4 months ago

#Bargain! 3 amazing tinted moisturisers that cost less than €10

Foundation can be a bit intense.

So, fun fact about moi: I don't wear foundation.

I own foundation, absolutely, but I avoid it like the bloody plague.

It just clogs my pores and makes me feel like I have a layer on the top of my skin. Not cute.

Anyway, on a day-to-day basis, I wear tinted moisturiser, and I love it.

It just does the job: little bit of coverage while also giving you the healthy glow you deserve.

What's not to love?

And, like I always say, you don't have to run out and drop 50 quid on a tinted moisturiser.

Here are 3 amazing products that cost less than €10:

e.l.f Tinted Moisturiser, €5.

So this is my personal preference... I wear it every day (the days I feel like wearing makeup, that is). It goes on like a dream, giving the skin that dewy glow! Oh, it also has an SPF 20, so you're safe from those pesky UV rays.

tinted moisturiser

Garnier BB Cream Nude Tinted Moisturiser, €7.50.

This baby is enriched with ultra-light mineral pigments that match the colour of your skin tone. It blurs imperfections, provides a healthy looking glow, hydrates all day and protects from UV- all with a zero make up feel.

tinted moisturiser

NIVEA Daily Essentials Tinted Moisturising Day Cream, €3.99.

The formula with Vitamins helps even the skin tone, blends in well with skin and provides a radiant looking complexion. With special blend of light reflecting and colour pigments the formula reduces the appearance of imperfections.