Beauty: 4 of the best Anti-Yellow Blonde hair products that I swear by 10 months ago

Beauty: 4 of the best Anti-Yellow Blonde hair products that I swear by

These are my blonde hair must haves.

After years of dying my hair red, I decided once the salons opened up last year to try something new.


Now the front of my hair is platinum blonde and needless to say is very high maintenance, especially if you want to keep it as white as possible.

While there are a lot of blonde hair products on the market these four are hands down my favourites.

1 - Olaplex No.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo


Start off strong with the right shampoo.

Before using this toning shampoo from Olaplex, I used both the Joica and Semi Di Lino version, which are also great, but given my hair is textured the extra hydration from this one really makes the difference.

10/10 would recommend.

2 - Semi Di Lino Anti-Yellow Conditioner 


Ok, technically you probably don't need to use a toning conditioner if you've used a good toning shampoo.

That being said, a lot of toning shampoos that aren't the Olaplex can be quite drying, so having a good blonde enhancing conditioner to go in on top with really makes a difference.

Toning conidtiners are also a little bit easier to leave in for a few minutes to tone as they aren't as runny or sudsy as the shampoos.


3 - Joico Violet Smoothing Foam

As someone with wavy hair this is a huge must have.

After I come out of the shower I comb a couple of squirts of this through my hair and leave it to dry naturally.

It's also a great product to use in between washes if you want a bit of toning on the go.


4- Semi Di Lino Anti-Yellow Spray

I've only started using this spray recently, but like the foam, it's great for toning if you don't have a purple shampoo with you.

I usually bring it with me if I'm travelling and I don't want to go to the hassle of carrying my full size bottles of toning shampoo and conditioner with me.