How to create an 'at home' spa experience with Yonka Paris 1 year ago

How to create an 'at home' spa experience with Yonka Paris

Looking to recreate the experience of a spa but at home?

Lockdown has been going on in Ireland for almost two months now and we're all missing our regular treats.


Having our hair done at a salon, getting our nails topped up, waxing of all varieties, and of course facials.

The first time I ever had a facial was about ten years ago and I remember asking the beautician what product she has used on me because it smelled amazing.

She told me it was Yonka (Pamplemousse to be exact) and ever since then I've been a Yonka addict.

If you're looking to recreate a spa experience at home you really can't do better then the Yonka range and these products in particular will make you feel like you're far from home.

Yon-Ka Paris Gommage Aux Sucres Vitalité 200ml €36

The ultimate exfoliator to promote softer skin.


Yon-Ka’s two sugar vitality scrub can be applied once or twice a week to renew your skin.

The brown and white sugar formula contains sunflower oil and other nutrients to help nourish your body without leaving behind any unnecessary oily residue.

Yon-Ka Paris Huile Delicieuse 100ml €39

This is my favourite Yonka product.


The perfect pairing to Yon-Ka’s sugar scrub, best applied after skin is exfoliated. With its thin, velvety and light texture, this sesame, sunflower and baobab enriched body oil is quickly absorbed so you don’t have to worry about destroying your clothes afterwards.

The oil softens, nourishes and illuminates skin in addition to its natural and relaxing scent inviting the senses to escape on a well-being journey at home.

Yon-Ka Paris Lait Hydratant Corps 200ml €35


Show your body some TLC with this indulgent product.

Yon-Ka’s triple action body milk soothes the senses through its calming aroma while its nutrient dense, velvety formula immediately comforts and repairs the skin.

Rich ingredients such as ginseng and sweet almond oil hydrate and soften for a relaxing and effective home experience that rivals a quality spa treatment.