Bella Hadid's jaw highlight is taking over TikTok 5 months ago

Bella Hadid's jaw highlight is taking over TikTok

We are officially obsessed.

Supermodel Bella Hadid recently posted a series of photos to Instagram, which prompted many beauty fanatics to eye up her jaw counter and highlight.


In the pictures, Bella has her head turned to one side, showing off her glowing profile. While we're normally used to seeing highlight and contour on the upper half of the face, Bella's highlight follows her jawbone. It starts from her chin, and follows the bone along the bottom of her face, before heading north over her mouth. Once it reaches her cheekbone, it then tapers off towards its intersection with her jaw.

Since Bella posted the photos, a number of beauty TikTokers have attempted to recreate the look.

One creator to give it a shot is @rachelocoolmua.


Rachel simply takes her liquid highlight and places it along her jaw and then blends it in.

In her review, Rachel says: "Something's there. It's not perfect but there's something there."


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Not entirely satisfied with her initial tactic, Rachel then took another shot at it. This time, she added contour along the very bottom of her jaw, and then blended it into the top of her neck. She then used less highlight in a smaller, more refined area along her jaw, and opted for a powder instead of liquid.


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Make-up artist Jaclyn Forbes also took to TikTok to recreate Bella's jaw highlight, though she uses a slightly different method. She begins by applying some liquid highlighter onto a brush and pops it on her jawline. She then adds a slightly more shimmery highlighter just on top.

This approach - the dual highlighter method - appears to yield results, as Jaclyn excitedly tells the camera that she's glowing.


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"This is so good, you've got to try it out," she says.