This is the best way to keep your dry skin fresh during the winter 2 months ago

This is the best way to keep your dry skin fresh during the winter

Healthy skin is happy skin.

Winter is well and truly here and as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, we need to protect our skin. For those of us with already dry skin, it can be an utter nightmare.


There are four skin types, dry, oily, normal and combination. Depending on the amount of oil your skin naturally produces, you'll fall into one of these categories. Dry skin means you produce very little oil and in colder weather, our skin can dry out.

The same way the sun can have an effect on our skin, the constant impact of the heating, fires and going from the very cold outside to very warm indoors can leave our skin chapped, dry and flakey.

So how can we ensure our skin stays intact this winter? Of course, hydrated skin is best so make sure you're still drinking your two litres of water a day, no matter how cold the taps get.

The air in our homes can change our skin and the drier it is, the drier our skin becomes. Having a humidifier in our homes can make a huge difference as it balances out the moisture level in the air.


Our diet in winter can also have an impact, so to keep our skin hydrated, oilier foods are a great shout. Think buts, avocados and olive oil when cooking. The bad news is that alcohol and caffeine tend to dry out our skin, but take that risk if you wish.

Dry skin stays dry no matter how much you moisturise it or how many serums you try, you simply can't change your skin type (from a fellow dry skin sufferer, it's hard news to hear). While oil based products are the best to help balance out the problem, exfoliating your skin is a game changer. Looking for products with glycolic or lactic acid in them and using them every few days will really improve your skin.

Speaking of serums, get yourself an alcohol free antioxidant serum as well as a vitamin C one to use before any other product. Even though it's not necessarily sunny out, you still need at least an SPF 30 on each day. UV rays still affect our skin in the winter, once it's daylight you need sunscreen on, this is a hill I will die on.


While most of us dry skinned people prefer a water based moisturiser, a thicker, heavier one is a better option in the winter as it protects the skin's barrier in the harsher weather. Look for one with hyaluronic acid and peptides to really give a healthy boost. Using a more gentle cleanser to ensure your skin maintains any oil it does produce, and for this, The Ordinary's Squalene Cleanser or The Inkey List's Oatmeal Cleanser are two great low budget options.

While your morning routine is a necessity, your nighttime one in the winter is key. Rejuvenating your skin after it's been exposed to dry air and allowing it to do its magic overnight is exactly what it needs, and it will really thank you in the morning.

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