Blondes and brunettes will adore this new hair trend because OMG the photos 4 years ago

Blondes and brunettes will adore this new hair trend because OMG the photos


I don't know about you but summer always makes me want to completely change my hair and there are two reasons behind my way of thinking.


One, my hair is long, thick and doesn't mix well with humidity so I often want to chop it all off. Two, summer and sunshine tempt me to dye my hair a lighter tone even though I know maintenance etc would drive me around the bend.

Anyway, there's a new trend and it might be the answer to at least one of these problems.

Say hello to strand lighting, summer 2018's newest hair trend.

Liz Haven O'Neill, a Texas-based hairdresser, showed the technique off on her Instagram account if you want to see exactly how it works.


#Strandlights on my beautiful client Shelby. ❤️❤️ I do something a bit different on her! ?? I use ✌?2 different color formulas to create even more dimension! ?? Formula # 1 @schwarzkopfusa BlondMe + 15vol. ( equal parts 7vol + 20vol) Formula # 2 Highlift Blonde @goldwellus 11V + 11B + double 40vol. (2:1 ratio) - No root smudge or root tap, just the power of a detailed foil placement! ??? ???? @framar foils and tools ???? Let me know whatcha think in the comments below! P.S. about to board my flight ✈️! #LAbound See you soon @behindthechair_com @marybehindthechair @alfredo_lewis @haleygable @thebtcteam !! ?? My LIVE online class hosted by @behindthechair_com is tomorrow!! Here are the deets! ?? MONDAY, JUNE 18th @ 4pm PT at (Link in bio) Once you register, the live video will be yours forever to reference back to! @kaleidohairartistry @lizhaven #kaleidohairartistry #lizhaven @schwarzkopfusa #MOREvibrance @sevenhaircare #sevenhaircare #BONDwithseven #BONDaid #OPTImizeyourhair - - - - - - - - - - - @behindthechair_com #behindthechair #hair_videos #hairtutorial #hairbrained #framar #btcquickie #modernsalon #americansalon #beautylaunchpad #houstonblogger #hairvideo #houstonbalayage #hairvideos #houstonsbest #colormelt #shadowroot #crafthairdresser #hudabeauty @hudabeaty #balayage #balayagevideos #hairtransformation

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If you want subtle instead of striking, this is the look for you because strandlighting involves colouring just a pinch of hair at a time, according to Refinery 29.

This is ideal if you want a bit of change but aren't fully committed to changing your hair completely.


Not as much bleach is used, the striped effect associated with 90s highlights is no more and the best bit this works for all hair colours, ideal.

After searching the #strandlights hashtag on Instagram, we are obsessed and I'm seriously thinking about squeezing in a last-minute trip to the hairdresser this weekend.