'Chocolate cake hair' is the hottest colour trend for 2019, and it's absolutely delicious 3 years ago

'Chocolate cake hair' is the hottest colour trend for 2019, and it's absolutely delicious

We love it!

There's nothing we love more than a gorgeous new hair trend.


And as gorgeous as a lot of them are, sometimes we admire them from affair, because we could never really oull it off.

We mean the likes of rainbow hair or silver hair - looks gorgeous, but pretty daring.

However, the hottest colour trend for 2019 is here, and it will work on almost everyone.

Introducing: Chocolate Cake Hair.


According to hair colourist,  Liz Cook, chocolate cake hair is "deep, vibrant, and relies on balayage highlights' to emphasise the face and add brightness to the deep brown tones.

"The highlights are what will really set the colour apart from other brunettes," said Liz.

"Traditional brunette is a more neutral and slightly ashy colour. This spring, however, it’s all about vibrancy and richness."

"I named it chocolate cake because the highlights almost remind you of the gooey frosting in-between the dark chocolate layers."


So without further adieu, here are some truly stunning examples of chocolate cake hair.



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I may or may not have neglected my sister’s hair for way too long? . . She had suuuper grown out old color (4N), which pretty much blended in with her root color. Because of that, this balayage was basically a color correction. Sometimes, a color correction is not a head of hair with 18 different bands of color and damage! Sometimes it’s just your guests that haven’t been in for color in a year or two. ANYWHO, I used @redken’s NEW Flashlift with ph Bonder Built in... mixed with some Freehand ? Who wants to see a video of the process? . . #sickhairworld #hairsoakedinbleach #njhairpainting #njbalayage #njcolorcorrection #njcolortransformation #hairbynikkiparsons #spabellanj #redkencertifiedcolorist #jerseyshorebesthair #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenjanuary19 #redkenready #styleyourstory #livingproofinc #beachywaves #beachwaves #paulmitchellneuroangle #paulmitchellneuro #sickerthanyouraveragehair #behindthechair #modernsalon #chocolatecakehair

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