The sunshine is out and our feet STINK! Here's how to keep it fresh 5 years ago

The sunshine is out and our feet STINK! Here's how to keep it fresh

What a beautiful day, the sun was shining... the birds singing! And we discovered how GROSS our feet are.

The fact that we've been keeping them in foot jail (otherwise known as winter boots) for months on end means we owe it to our feet to give them a little tender care before unleashing them on the world.


Here's a few hacks to keep your feet fresh for summer.

Lavender oil - It smells absolutely divine for one, but the lavender plant is packed full of antifungal properties, so if you soak your feet in some warm water with a few drops of lavender oil you'll be good to go.

Lemons - We guarantee that if you rub some lemons on your feet before exfoliating they'll be so fresh you'll be asking people to smell them all day long (people don't like to do this... just a heads up)




Talcum powder - This is an absolute winner, it helps destroy bacteria and also gets rid of any dodgy odour.



Vinegar - I know... things are getting a little weird now, vinegar creates an acidic environment where bacteria cannot survive. If you soak your feet in water with some drops of vinegar you'll reap the benefits. Although you may want to shower after.



Epsom Salt - This not only gets rid of foul smells it's also incredibly soothing for your feet. Mix two teaspoons of Epsom salt into a foot bath of warm water and leave your feet to soak for 10 - 15 minutes.

Mmmmmm bliss.