Dua Lipa's new 'haircut' was actually caused by her hair breaking from bleach damage 1 month ago

Dua Lipa's new 'haircut' was actually caused by her hair breaking from bleach damage

We honestly feel her pain.

No matter how much cash you have in the bank, going blonde is not easy on your hair and bleach is the catalyst for making your once shiny mane dry and broken.

Just ask Dua Lipa who is the latest victim of  hair breakage caused by lighter locks.

The star who went blonde last year ahead of teasing her new album Future Nostalgia, has revealed that although she has only been blonde a couple of months, her mane hasn't taken it well.

Kicking off one of the first hair trends of this decade, the Don't Start Now singer's blonde on top, black underneath hairstyle was one that gained serious attention with many opting to copy the star and her Cruella-esque look.

But now, it appears as though even Dua might have some regrets as she revealed that her hair is seriously breaking thanks to the look.

Speaking about her new choppy fringe, the 24-year-old revealed that it was actually an accident and all thanks to bleach damage.

"PSA: This is not a haircut it’s bleached breakages but I’m running with it."

Spotted running around NYC later that day, Dua's hair looked well styled so we're presuming she had the glam squad on emergency dial to fix the damage.

Thankfully, she's lucky she can rock the bangs because we all know friends don't let friends get planned bangs.

Maybe the 24-year-old will write it into her New Rules after this lesson?

.... ONE don't pick up the phone you know he's only calling cause he's drunk and alone... TWO don't bleach your hair you'll have to pay for a lot of repair... THREE...

Think we're on to a potential banger here but until then take this as a PSA - careful with bleach and heat if you love your hair and want to protect your locks.