The €10 Penneys eyeshadow palette EVERYONE needs in their collection 4 years ago

The €10 Penneys eyeshadow palette EVERYONE needs in their collection

Love. Want. NEED!

When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, by general standards, we own far too many. However, any true makeup lover will know that too many is never enough.


No two shades are the same and that's why we're determined to own them all. Well, thanks to Penneys' new collection we nearly will.

This week Team Her got a sneak peek at Penneys’ new PS… Nudes range and let’s just say, we are totally obsessed.

From amazing lip products to stunning contour and highlight shades, the range is reminiscent of the products adored by the likes of Rihanna and Kim K.


However, there was one stand-out product in the bunch and it was the amazing eyeshadow palette.

With 28 – yes, 28! – fab shades, from matte to shimmer to full-on-metallic, this palette is the ultimate all-rounder.

And with so many rust-coloured palettes on the market at the minute, it's nice to see something with a little variation.


While there are definitely a lot of warm-toned shadows, they range from warm browns to cranberry shades. There are plenty of cool-toned shades in the mix too, with plenty of greys and cool browns with purple undertones.

And while it may sound like we are already excited, we haven’t even told you the best bit – it’s only €10!

Yep, we just cannot with the price tag and we’ll be snapping this bad boy up as soon as we spot it in store.