One of these €6 mascaras is sold every 2.5 seconds and we can see why 2 years ago

One of these €6 mascaras is sold every 2.5 seconds and we can see why

Cult product alert!

I feel like I'm always reading about amazing beauty products that have waiting lists and stuff.


And listen, that is so impressive, but honestly I think the rate at which a product sells is better.

The first mascara I ever bought was Maybelline Great Lash Mascara - I can still see the pink and green packaging on the CVS counter.

Anyway, fast forward 12 years, and it seems I was actually part of cosmetic greatness.

I recently read that one of those little mascaras is sold every 2.5 SECONDS.


In fact, it has been the best selling mascara in the United States for the last 47 years - impressive.

€6 mascaras

The history behind the infamous mascara is also pretty interesting.

In 1915, a chemist in Chicago called Tom Lyle Williams noticed that his sister Maybel had been doing odd things to her eye lashes.


Maybel would coat her lashes in petroleum jelly and coal dust to enhance her look. Genius.

Tom felt that this might be bad for Maybel, so he started to develop an alternative product.

And so, the Maybelline Cake Mascara was born, and Great Lash is its modern day equivalent.

The mascara is not the best I've ever used, but it is an old faithful.


It's the kind of thing you just have in every handbag - for an emergency lift!