Ever Fancied Making Your Own Signature Scent? You'll LOVE This 5 years ago

Ever Fancied Making Your Own Signature Scent? You'll LOVE This

If you've yet to find the perfume that perfectly expresses your sparkling personality, unmatchable wit and undeniable sex appeal... this one day course might be right up your street. 

The first of its kind in Ireland, PerfumeNotes.ie is hosting a “perfume-making day” for the complete beginner or "passionate perfumista".

Those who see the sense in creating their own scent would normally have to travel to London or Paris for the opportunity, but the newly launched PerfumeNotes.ie is now bringing the experience to Ireland so beauty fans can take a chemistry lesson far more interesting than those we suffered through in school.


Special guest for the day is London indie-perfumer Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tuesdays, an award-winning microperfumery that hand-makes perfume in London.

Sarah is “an incredibly gifted and entirely off-the-wall self-taught perfumer” according to Jo Fairley of the Perfume Society, while Lila das Gupta of Basenotes says her perfume-making events are “a must for anyone who wants to have a perfume education.

A signature scent doesn't exactly come cheap, but just imagine the kudos when someone asks what you're wearing and you get to say you made it yourself.


The course takes place on Saturday, May 9th at TIMA, 30 Upper Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 2. It'll set you back €155 if you opt for an early bird ticket, or €170 from April onwards. You can sign up here.