This is exactly what it takes to prep Chrissy Teigen for an event 2 years ago

This is exactly what it takes to prep Chrissy Teigen for an event

Her makeup artist has shared all.

We have to admit it, here in Her, we are Chrissy obsessed. From her hilarious and witty tweets to her chic style and adorable daughter, the woman is a force to be reckoned with.


And just the other day, Chrissy’s make-up artist Emma Osborne shared with us a sped up version of her transformation, going from fresh faced to red carpet ready.

Emma also gives us an insight into all the makeup she uses in the application including EX1 Cosmetics, Iconic London, Beautyblender, Lancome and Becca Cosmetics, who Chrissy collaborated with on a sell-out make-up palette earlier this year.


The model has previously spoken out about how she hates taking selfies when she has got her "glam on" because she feels fake. She said: "That's why I don't post many make up selfies, because I don't feel anyone knows what a real face looks like anymore and it kills me that we have to completely wash a face or body out for it to get likes."

She continued...


"My old ass will go on social media, and I will look at the Photoshopping, Facetuning, and the apps—and everything that goes into creating what is now a hit Instagram photo—and I feel insanely inadequate."

Well we think you are divine just the way you are.