Feel your makeup primer isn't working? Well... you're actually applying it wrong 4 years ago

Feel your makeup primer isn't working? Well... you're actually applying it wrong


It appears we've been using primer wrong for years.


This nifty makeup product can a gal's best friend when applied correctly - it not only keeps your makeup from budging but it also does wonders for your foundation, helping it to sit better on your skin as the base underneath is prepped. Makes sense, right?

And if you're a primer sceptic, I think it's time you give it another shot because, it appears we've been applying it wrong all this time.

Yes, according to Glamour, for a primer to take full effect, you need to apply it to your skin and then wait for 20 - 30 seconds before applying anything else (i.e., foundation).

You see, the trick is that you need to leave the primer dry so that, in turn, it provides a smooth canvas for you to apply your makeup to. Success.


And when it comes to primer, the market is currently inundated with options, varying in both brand and price.

Want to know my ultimate fave primer? It's from the Sephora Collection and it's called the "beauty amplifier smoothing primer". It costs around €15 and honestly, it's my favourite one ever, anytime I'm near a Sephora, I nab up a few of them to keep in storage since you can't purchase them here *sigh*.


If you're near the store it's certainly worth trying out - you'll be addicted.

Aside from that, another primer that's equally good and affordable is Flormar's illuminating base primer. For less than €10, it'll keep your makeup fresh and make you look like you're glowing from the inside out. Gorge.

Flormar - €9.49