We FINALLY have the date for when Suzanne Jackson's tan goes on sale 4 years ago

We FINALLY have the date for when Suzanne Jackson's tan goes on sale

It's nearly here!

We have long awaited the reveal of Suzanne Jackson's tan.


The blogger has been teasing for product for months now and fans have been going wild to find out when it's going to be released.

In an Instagram posted this morning, Suzanne said: "You're GOLD baby, solid GOLD. After nearly two years of hard work, we're ALMOST ready to share with you our GOLDEN secret! Who's ready for #SOSUbySJ tan?"

The photo revealed that the product will be launched on April 12, with it going on pre-sale the same day at 8pm sharp.


Many fans have already flocked to the picture, saying how excited they are for the big reveal. One wrote, "Super excited to try this - I only ever use tropez but I am definitely going to try this!"

While another said: "Yaaas! I cannot wait for this."

The blogger also recently announced that her contour palette is now going to be customisable.


The Instagram announcement read: "You asked for it and now, it’s finally HERE!!!! Introducing our new Magnetic Contour Palette....same award winning palette and shades... but now with a refillable function!

"Customise your contour to suit your skin tone!"

We're excited to see what the new products are like!