The five things I wish I knew before my first bikini wax 4 years ago

The five things I wish I knew before my first bikini wax

Brace yourselves.

Getting a bikini wax in simple words is grim.


Nobody ever skips into a bikini wax ecstatic to lie down on the table and have their vagina pulled and ripped at for 20 minutes, but look, we do it, and if you have never done it before but you're thinking about popping your vajayjay wax cherry - then here are some things you need to know.

I think I was 19-years-old when I had my first wax "down there", I was the last of all my friends to get it done and TBH I was petrified.

I wasn't scared of the pain, I was just scared of the mortification of stripping down and spreading my legs to a complete stranger - which is natural. But the night before my wax I spent hours thinking of what it would be like and if I could actually go though with it... so to save you the doubt and worry, here are five things about bikini waxes to set the record straight.


Yes, it is awks but it's not that bad

I would be flat out lying if I said it's not a weird experience. Of course it is. This is not something you do on the daily but trust me, beauticians make you feel so at ease and nearly all of them give you a disposable knickers to pop on and they leave the room while you change so you have a moment to get yourself ready and hop up on the table before they come back in making it WAY less awkward and giving you time to prepare.

They have seen it ALL


Beauticians have seen it all. Looking at vaginas to them is like us looking at someones hair or hands - it does not phase them. The last beautician I was at told me that she waxes on average 30 vaginas a week. So if you're afraid your vagina will be "judged" trust us, it will not.

Wash your feet

Now this is important. My beautician also told me the thing she hates the most about bikini waxes is people's feet. She said that people spend so much time cleaning their lady parts ahead of a wax they often forget that it's their feet that spend most of the time in the beauticians face and smelly socks are a no no. Note-to-self: Wash your feet. Yuck.

You can say stop


Sometimes depending on where the beautician is waxing, it can hurt (particularly the base), so feel free to ask your beautician to stop for a moment or take a little break if the pain is too much. Everyone experiences pain differently and they will be happy to stop if it is too much, it is a common thing people ask so don't feel embarrassed.

There might be irritation afterwards

If you're looking a little raw after the wax, don't feel scared, this is so normal and to be expected.You can reduce the irritation by avoiding hot baths for 24 hours, staying out of the sun at least for the day, and staying away from putting any scented creams or tan on the area. Also, don't book your wax the day before you are heading away and you'll be fine. Give yourself time for the redness to go down.

Remember, you got this girl. Waxing is a total pain in the ass (literally) but there is honestly nothing to be embarrassed about, once I got over my first experience I felt like a new woman and have chosen waxing ever since. You will be just fine, I promise.