Bye bye, balayage! Flamboyage is 2018's hottest hair trend 2 years ago

Bye bye, balayage! Flamboyage is 2018's hottest hair trend


There's nothing I love more than a groovy new hair trend.


Especially when it's one that I'd actually consider (no mad colours for me, sadly!)

My latest discovery? Flamboyage.

Think of it as balayage's sexy big sister; more refined and way cooler.

The technique was created by hair stylist and Art Director, Angelo Seminara, who uses it in all Blue Tit Salons.

Blue Tit technician, Lidia, spoke to Marie Claire about the method.


Apparently, flamboyage combines balayage and ombre, to form a seriously wonderful result.

Your stylist simply uses a clear, adhesive paper called Flamboyage Meche, and applies the right amount of colour to create depth and dimension to your hair.

The best part? It literally suits all textures of hair - from curly to pin-straight.

Don't believe me? Have a gawk at these gorgeous images.

All the proof you may need.




Feature image courtesy of Pinterest.Β