Glossier have launched the shimmering eyeshadow of our dreams 2 years ago

Glossier have launched the shimmering eyeshadow of our dreams

Glossier have done it again.

In January, Glossier hinted that they would soon be unveiling a new product - with the help of Beyoncé, naturally.


Following the Grammy Awards, the brand shared a photo of the popstar looking down - with her shimmery eyelids front and centre.

Teasing that the singer was wearing something new (alongside some pre-existing products), they captioned it:

“Beyoncé wears ___ in ___ (coming soon)"

And now it looks like the mystery product has been revealed.



Ahead of the Oscars on Sunday night, the brand announced their first move into eyeshadows: Lidstar.

They showed off the six new shimmering eyeshadow shades on Instagram on Sunday night ahead of their arrival online on Monday.

There's Lily, a iridescent purple; Moon, a white pearl; Slip, an pastel pink; Cub, a rose gold; Fawn, a silvery lilac; and Herb, an olive green.


Based off of the preview shared on Instagram, it looks like the colours go on smoothly - and with an incredible colour payoff.

Lidstar is available now on site, with each tube priced at around €16.80 (£15), or two tubes for €28 (£25).

While it's the first eye shadow for the brand, it is the second permanent makeup product that in Glossier's eye makeup category.


The latest launch follows the reveal of their newest skincare product, the Solution Exfoliating Skin Perfector.

The product, originally launched in January, is a chemical exfoliator and promises to clear breakouts, reduce the appearance of pores and minimise redness.