Glossier's Solar Paint is finally here - and the beauty world is not able 1 week ago

Glossier's Solar Paint is finally here - and the beauty world is not able

What a time to be alive.

It's a big week for beauty fans and people with faces everywhere. Glossier finally dropped their first bronzer - Solar Paint - and yes, it's causing as much of a storm as you'd expect.


The bronzer is lightweight, buildable, and has already been getting some stellar reviews across the internet. It's Glossier after all, what did you expect?

Solar Paint is a light bronzing cream that comes in four shades - Flare, Ray, Heat, and Volt. Designed to mimic the natural glow you get from the sunshine, the new product is once again true 'you, but better.'

As per most Glossier products, Solar Paint can can be used across the face; on the cheekbones, on the brow, and even on the eyes.

"We wanted skin to look like it was actually kissed by the sun," Glossier say. "Each shade has a touch of luminosity from light-reflecting pearls and a thoughtful balance of warmth and dimension (so your bronzer looks just as natural in broad daylight as it does in your bathroom mirror).

"The almost-whipped gel crème is infused with Desert Milk (a micro-emulsion of plant oils and extracts like Jojoba and Aloe) to condition and nourish, and has a natural-effect finish that blends seamlessly with the heat of your finger."

According to the brand, the bronzer was created in such a way to draw attention to the parts of the face the sun would naturally hit. Glossier recommend starting small with a few drops when applying, and then blending out from there. A little goes a long way, etc.


Solar Paint is buildable on the skin, cruelty free and of course, vegan. It'll only set you back €19 too - not bad at all considering it's bound to be The Product of the summer.

Glossier fans had been asking for a bronzer for years - one that was light weight, dewy, able to satisfy their inner most bronze-based desires.

And given the reactions to the new product since it dropped yesterday, it's looking like they've been given exactly what they want.

"The texture of this is wonderful," said one reviewer. "Think Cloud Paint, but a bit more "whipped" (just SLIGHTLY) and with a touch of shimmer in. I love amping up the warmth of my skin with this."


Another said: "I love how this gives me a natural glow and sun kissed look. I am very pale and find that it brings some warmth to my face without looking to orange or muddy."

Another reviewer added: "I usually get bronzers in a powder format and the wand made it so much easier to apply where I really wanted it.

"I love how it melts into the skin and is not overly sticky to the touch after applying - after dotting where I wanted the product, I used my fingers to tap the product in place. And thank you Glossier for making it odorless."

Thank you, Glossier indeed. Knocked it out of the park again, it seems.