Glossier's newest launch is the pimple-zapping product of our dreams 1 year ago

Glossier's newest launch is the pimple-zapping product of our dreams

Glossier have done it again.

The beloved brand has become a firm favourite among beauty fans for their “skin first, makeup second” philosophy.

Their fuss-free approach to beauty (and their millennial pink packaging ) has led to a huge cult following across the globe.

And their latest launch is no exception, with social media users already raving about it.

Introducing the Zit Stick, a marker-like, acne-busting product that sounds like the answer to all of our clear-skin dreams.

And while it's not their first step into the world of skincare or even their first spot-slaying product (their Solution, an exfoliating skin perfecter came out in January), it is way more travel friendly.

The translucent formula means that it can be applied both under and over makeup - just in case you feel a spot about to surface.

The product is currently available on Glossier's website but, unfortunately, only for the shoppers in North America at the moment.

A spokesperson for Glossier confirmed that the product won't be launching in UK, Ireland, Sweden, or Denmark just yet.

The delay is due to the fact that Zit Stick has Benzoyl Peroxide, an active ingredient that’s not available over the counter in Europe, in it.

But, thankfully, a version of Zit Stick will be here eventually. 

Glossier are working on a Benzoyl Peroxide-free version of the product that will launch in Europe early next year.