Glowing glitters, shimmering shadows and 8 essentials we love from essence! 2 years ago

Glowing glitters, shimmering shadows and 8 essentials we love from essence!

Brought to you by essence cosmetics.

The feeling we get when we finally find a product that genuinely works. It’s glorious to say the least.

Whether it’s a healthy glow we’re after, a foundation that covers imperfections (without feeling weighty), or even the perfect shadow to make our eye colour go 'POP', there’s something that works for everyone when it comes to essence. Essence can be found throughout the country in Penneys and selected pharmacies. But best of all, they don’t test on animals. (Hurray!)

So we went rummaging through some essence products, and after applying and wearing these gorgeous creations throughout the day, here are the top picks.

1. Fresh & Fit Awake Makeup, €6.25

It's clear why 'awake' is in the name. Thanks to the foundation's light reflecting pigments, skin looks super fresh and it feels like it has cooling properties also, plus it's texture is to die for. It's not too heavy, yet gives enough coverage to banish any redness in the skin. With vitamin complex and cranberry, we're sure it leaves skin feeling fabulous after wear too.

2. Eye Liner Pen, €3.10

If you haven't tried these yet, you've been missing out. The liquid liner is incredibly easy to apply, there's no back and forth trying to achieve that flawless precision line - the pen does it all for you. It's beautifully thin, meaning we can create a subtle everyday look, or simply continue building the product onto the eye for a fuller, perhaps heavier evening time look. This beauty is available in pool blue, bright pink, pastel mint and radiant yellow.

3. Stay All Day 16h Long Lasting Concealer, €3.10

Yes, such a glorious product does indeed exist. If like many of us, you're prone to getting blemishes or dark circles under the eyes, but your favourite foundation just isn't doing the trick - well look no further. Stay All Day has light reflecting pigments that brings skin back to life. It's creamy, smooth and very easy to apply. Best of all - it lasts the day!

4. Luminous Matt Bronzing Powder, €3.80

YAS! Ok, we'll speak for ourselves here. If we had super healthy and smooth skin, we could easily pop on some moisturiser and then this bronzing silky shimmer for a healthy sunshine glow. It's incredibly soft and easy to apply, plus it's fantastic for creating the perfect contoured look.

5. Colour Boost Vinylicious Liquid Lipstick, €3.50

This highly pigmented lippy gives a rich vinyl finish that we absolutely adore. It's smooth and very comfortable to wear, while giving lasting colour to those lips. Best of all, there are seven shades to choose from, ideal for any occasion.

6. Volume Hero Mascara Power Black, €3.80

Hello gorgeous! Surely that's what everyone will think when they see those big bright eyes along with exceptionally long, flawless lashes accompanying them. Some of us here at the Her desk wear Volume Hero each day, so we can confirm, it stays on and gives us long, beautiful lashes, leaving many entirely envious.

7. Stay 6h True Lipliner, €2.50

Firstly, it's a steal at this price but it also lasts and feels luxuriously smooth during application. It's waterproof (entirely necessary) and comes in eight stunning and vibrant colours. A must have.

8. Get Your Glitter On Glitter Primer, €3.50

Now that festival season is getting ever nearer, no doubt that means the glitter will be making a return. So if you're looking to get your mitts on the ideal base before applying all kinds of glitter to the face and body, this little tube is for you.

Of course, we need some glowing glitters firstly. Essence have nine fab loose glitters and pigments at only €3.80 a pop to choose from so they have got us covered. Just look...

Check out essence cosmetics new spring summer 18 collection here. They're only gorgeous!

Brought to you by essence cosmetics. 

Trendy, unique and high-quality beauty products - that’s what essence stands for! The spring/summer update is here with lots of product highlights related to the biggest trends on the beauty market. In addition to large palettes, essence is going for iridescent effect and professional tools. The perfect companions for awesome girl power styles. Don't forget to check out their Instagram too.