This clever hack will help you to apply sun cream on your back 4 months ago

This clever hack will help you to apply sun cream on your back

How did we not think of this before?

There's nothing worse than sitting on a deck chair or by the beach, with everyone gone either into the sea or off for a cocktail and you're left on your own.

As the sun beats down, you can feel yourself getting warmer and warmer and you need to reapply that suncream to stop yourself burning.

But when it comes to covering your back in SPF, it gets a little tricky trying to reach around and lather that lotion on.

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Thanks to our good friends at Todaythe easy way to cover your back in lotion has been uncovered and it involves a regular household item. RESULT!

To put sun cream on your back you'll need to cut a long piece of cling film about 1 metre long (that's a lot I know) and squirt some lotion right in the middle.

Pick up the sheet of cling film and use the two ends of it like a towel, with the lotion side facing your body and simply dry yourself with the lotion-covered clingfilm until it's soaked in.

And that's it! No more asking friends or sibling to put much needed sun cream on your back which is deadly.

What we really want to know is, does it work using fake tan...  *lightbulb moment*