Hairdresser's photo proves why you should never stick a pen in your hair 2 years ago

Hairdresser's photo proves why you should never stick a pen in your hair

Oh, Jesus.

There are fewer things worse in this life than having a hair-based disaster.


Whether it's due to the rain, the humidity, or your inability to remember to wash your bleach out after two hours leading to inevitable loss of strands, it's something nobody can be expected to get over in a hurry.

And as of today, we can add sticking a pen in your hair and having the ink leak out too, because apparently that's a thing that can happen and the result is fairly grim.

Canadian hairdresser Kelly O'Leary-Woodford shared a photo recently of a client of hers who came into her just a few days before her wedding with the following issue.

Yeah, harrowing enough.

Kelly wrote that the client had had her pen stuck in her ponytail when it burst leaving her with a massive splotch of ink running through her blonde hair.


She said that the issue was fixed pretty quickly using some lightener but still, we can't imagine heading in to most hairdressers in this country with a similar problem and it being resolved so quickly - or without severe judgement from whoever was sorting you out.

Hair disasters aren't the only things that Kelly posts on her Instagram page though.

The rest of the images are decidedly less distressing, depicting glorious dye jobs and colour coordinations that would make even the dullest of hair delighted for a brief period of times.


They're fairly stunning and you can check out the rest of Kelly's work here.