Here's why wearing headphones may be damaging your hair 5 months ago

Here's why wearing headphones may be damaging your hair

When it comes to maintaining your hair, it's nearly a full-time job trying to keep it in good condition.

Between the damage caused from being out in the sun to trying to detangle it in the mornings before work, there's not much you can do to your hair without harming it in one way or another.

We hear tips, tricks and hacks from our hairdressers and helpful friends but sometimes half the battle is just preventing the harm... the hairs we have on our head today do have to last us a lifetime after all.

Well according to Seventeenthere's one thing we're all guilty of doing that is harming our hair more than we could anticipate.

No, it's not hot styling appliances, hair colouring, nor rough brushing with a comb or brush, but it is in fact, wearing big, over the head earphones.

In speaking to celebrity hairstylist Castillo, who was worked on the gruaige of both Ruby Rose and Bella Thorne, the hairdresser revealed wearing of big headphones causes your hair to rub and break.

woman in park

As you walk, the movement of the headphones, close to your ears makes them push tighter against your head over and over. This friction against the hair makes the strands rough and dry, even causing them to break.

In giving advice to prevent the breaking of your hair while wearing headphones, the stylist to the stars advised brushing your hair well to get out all the knots and tie it into a ponytail. And THEN put your headphones on.

Or alternatively, switch to smaller in-ear earphones of course.