Here's what your pores look like under a microscope before AND after a mask 2 years ago

Here's what your pores look like under a microscope before AND after a mask

*Word of warning* - this is pretty mank.

Is there's anything more satisfying in the world than a good charcoal mask or nose pore strip? We love seeing just how much yucky gunk gathers on our skin.


That skin is subjected to a lot of harsh stuff, after all - makeup, pollution, bacteria from our hands and phones (gag), so a little build-up in the pores is to be expected.

But have you ever wondered what that build-up looks like up close? Like, really close? Microscopically close?

Well, wonder no more.

One Redditor has done all fellow skincare obsessives a solid and put her skin under a microscope to show us exactly what our pores look like when magnified and it's just as fascinating as you might have thought.

User Fit-N-Funky starts with her skin that's been freshly scrubbed, followed by using a nose pore strip and finally a peel-off face mask, as Allure reports.

Here's the freshly washed skin on her cheek...


and her forehead...

and nose.


These next images show her skin after a nose pore strip.

The first one here shows just how effective this little strips are, while the second shows that anything not stuck to the strip gets brought to the skin's surface.


She then did a peel-off mask and found the results to be a little different.

Her skin was a lot more resistant to the mask than the strips, with pores closing up on some places...

... and being "downright stubborn", as she puts it, in others.


"I think the strips did the best work of all. Wasn't much left for the mask to get a hold of. It did clear out some of the stuff the strips pulled to the surface though," she wrote.

"I am surprised at how much my pores closed up after some light treatment. (It) really goes to show that a little goes a long way."

Anyone else dying to go home and scrub their face ASAP?