Huda Beauty criticised over 'disgusting' advice on how to lighten your vagina 4 years ago

Huda Beauty criticised over 'disgusting' advice on how to lighten your vagina

"Who thought this was a good idea?"

Huda Beauty has come under heavy criticism after sharing a "disgusting" guide for women to lighten their vaginas.


Originally founded as a personal project, Huda Kattan has turned the brand into a global empire - becoming one info the most influential women in the beauty business in the process.

However, an article that was recently posted to Huda Beauty's website has ended up causing a huge controversy.

The piece, called Why your vagina gets dark and how to lighten it, includes "DIY lightening hacks" from a dermatologist and was published in response to, what they say, was a common question from readers.

The controversial article also has tips on how to "improve" your lady parts, "if you want".


The piece was originally shared on the brand's Facebook page in early April, where it went on to get a huge reaction online - including a continuous flow of comments.

One person said:

"I don't need this sort of bullsh*t in my feed. Unfollowing this page, because the darkening of the vagina is the most natural thing ever.

"Screw you."


Someone else added:

"You need to help women be happy with how they are. Why should women change themselves? This is not a positive article."

A different person wrote:

"Oh..!! there. Any vagina beauty contest going on???"


The article eventually ended up making its way to Reddit, where people were equally outraged.

One commenter simply asked:

"What the hell? Who thought this was a good idea?"

Another person fumed:

"This is just... disgusting, harmful (lemon juice?!) and tragic."


Following the backlash, the company updated the post to address concern over the topic.


They said:

"We appreciate and respect everyone’s opinions on this subject and want to express that we do not feel lightening your vulva (vagina/ lady parts/ VJJ,) is necessary.

"Our goal is to give details for those who may wish to, by sharing expert advice from a leading dermatologist.

"We’ve seen a lot of harmful DIYs on the internet, so we hope this post provides the best information on the topic and offers safe ways for people to do this, should they wish to."