Huda Beauty just launched three incredible limited edition pastel eyeshadow palettes 7 months ago

Huda Beauty just launched three incredible limited edition pastel eyeshadow palettes


Why should fashion have all the fun?

While the runways across the globe have been painting a pastel scene of soft, powdery shades, Huda Beauty has released the newest additions to the Obsessions collection; a whimsy limited-edition trio of palettes each with nine dazzling and wearable pastel shadows that will drop you straight into a dollhouse.

The Pastel Obsessions palettes are built around three whimsical shades: Lilac, Mint and Rose, which each include five dreamy matte shades, three metallic jellies and one next-generation shimmer swirl.

Each shade has been created to highlight, line and define your eyes in a myriad of different ways whatever your skin tone and desired pastel-fueled look.

huda beauty

From a soft, ethereal and blown out look to a high-octane graphic statement, each palette contains several innovative textures to experiment with that pack a pastel punch whatever your look.

There are three delicious palettes in the collection, and we love them all.

First up is the Rose palette, a wearable collection of dreamy, ballet pink and blush peach mattes, delicate shimmers and sunshine yellows. This palette will suit each and every skin tone and take you from day to night in the sweep of a brush or a dab of your finger. 

Then there's the stunningly gorgeous Lilac Palette, a seductive series of dusty mauve mattes, lavender shimmers, pops of luxurious fizzy violet, a velvety apricot matte and a pop of soft coral shimmer, all designed to complement each other and add divine dimension to the lids.

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Lastly there's the Mint Palette; an unusual balance of warm and cool tones, this palette indulges your lids in soft mint and apple green mattes, pistachio, teal and icy aqua shimmers, a touch of honey bronze shimmer and a rich tan matte.

While pastel pieces have been a wardrobe staple of Huda’s for the last year, it was a trip to Seoul, South Korea that inspired the beauty boss to create an eyeshadow palette focused around these soft, ethereal shades. 

huda beauty

“The pastel pink cherry blossoms are so magical and dreamy if you’re lucky enough to catch them at the right time, but once the sun would go down in Seoul, I saw that the city would become colourful, eccentric and electrifying," says Huda.

“I wanted to capture that magic in a paletteand Pastel Obsessions are just that!” 

These babies are officially launching on on 1st March.