Hyaluronic Acid is a gift to skin, and we should ALL be using it 4 years ago

Hyaluronic Acid is a gift to skin, and we should ALL be using it

Like liquid gold.

So, I've been using hyaluronic acid on my skin for some time, and I can't imagine my life without it.


It's like a big glass of water for the face, that will banish all your dryness forever.

I wanted to tell you all about it, and why you should use it.

So rather than go in alone, I got some information from the skin experts at Vichy, who shared all the knowledge.

Let's dive right in, folks...


Hyaluronic Acid, the moisture-binding secret behind skin’s plumpness.

It is considered dermatology’s most effective hydrating ingredient, and the ingredient that just keeps delivering.

Hyaluronic acid

It should be noted that Hyaluronic Acid is not remotely acid. So don't be afraid or put off.


It’s actually a sugar molecule (a glycosaminoglycan, to be all scientific) that attracts water and moisture because of its specific structure.

15 grams of Hyaluronic Acid are contained on average in the body. A third is broken down on a daily basis to make way for fresh supply.

Hyaluronic Acid in skin is cleared out from the epidermis and degraded rapidly during cell renewal meaning its lifespan in skin is less than one day.

Hyaluronic acid


Though the body makes 3 grams of new Hyaluronic Acid every day, this production falls with age. Much like everything else, am I right?

Now, new formulas take the benefits beyond moisturizing, combining different-sized molecules for a 360° action in skin.

In fact, Vichy's new LiftActiv Hyalu-Mask contains both fragmented and higher-weight Hyaluronic acid to bring the highest concentration in a mask.

FYI, the magical mask in out mid September!


After 5 minutes of wrapping skin with the mask, your skin will be radiant, with noticeably improved softness.

You'll look 10 years younger, friend.

With significant impacts on major signs of ageing, Hyaluronic Acid in its next-level formulations and innovative treatments is proving its impact in helping skin to slow its ageing process.

Can we drink the stuff?