This is Irish girls' biggest makeup mistake, says one celebrity MUA 5 years ago

This is Irish girls' biggest makeup mistake, says one celebrity MUA

James Vincent is a makeup artist who knows his stuff.

Having worked with the likes of Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga, Liv Tyler and Reese Witherspoon, he's well placed to tell us where we can up our beauty game.


The Canadian lived in Ireland for two years during the noughties and was back in Ireland recently for a Make Up Forever event in Dublin.

Speaking to The Mirror, he shared his thoughts on Irish girls' makeup skills, including the biggest faux mistake we make.


"Make-up wearers in Dublin are definitely more savvy than they were a decade ago," he said.

"But there is still that Irish mentality that wearing a darker foundation is somehow going to make you look like you've been on holidays.

"It's really crazy to me. Going with a darker foundation or spray tanning to a crazy level is not going to give you that look."

"Its about finding a foundation that matches your skin and then bringing in your bronzer where the sun hits the face."


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He also said we're divils for having different colours on our faces and necks.

"I also tell people to play with your foundation. Go two or three shades darker in the areas where the sun hits your face.


"It stops you from getting that disparity in your face colour and your neck colour, which I think Irish women have been struggling with for a while."

We're all guilty of lashing on the darker foundation for a bit of colour but it's no lie that Irish gals have upped the game in our skills in recent years and we have to say we think we're getting there.