Jo Malone is bringing out a new limited-edition collection and it's seriously stunning 1 month ago

Jo Malone is bringing out a new limited-edition collection and it's seriously stunning

Lavenderland, the new limited-edition collection from Jo Malone, launches later this month.

The five-piece range includes three colognes (Lavender & Coriander, Silver Birch & Lavender and Wisteria & Lavender) and a fourth scent, Lavender & Musk.

In addition to a Lavender & Musk diffuser, Jo Malone is also introducing a pillow mist in the same scent, a first for the brand and one that's sure to aid a restful night's sleep.

Lavender mingles with soft musk, helping you to unwind and relax - the perfect bedside table addition.Jo Malone

We are sold, experts recommend putting a nightly routine in place if you find it difficult to sleep and a pillow mist helps for optimal chill.

Onto the colognes:

"Journey to an enchanted world of violet visions, where English lavender meanders in purple pathways across the countryside. Discover a trio of takes on this timeless note, each offering a different presentation of natural lavender. One strikingly aromatic, the second fresh with a cool woodiness, and the third cascading with soft florals. Fall out of the ordinary and into a new lavender story".

Lavender & Coriander

Lavender, coriander and earthy sage makes for a fragrant herby perfume but the delicious note of creamy tonka bean adds warmth, achieving an unexpectedly sensual scent.

Jo Malone

Silver Birch & Lavender

A crisp fresh scent. Lavender and grapefruit are "grounded by the woody, charismatic base of silver birch and a compelling note of roasted oak".

Jo Malone

Wisteria & Lavender

Sweet wisteria, powdery heliotrope and soft lavender makes for a floral trio of dreams.

Jo Malone

The new collection is the vision of Celine Roux, Vice President of Global Product Development, alongside Master Perfumers Yann Vasnier, Marie Salamagne & Anne Flipo.

Lavenderland will be available to buy from Jo Malone boutiques and online from February 24. The 30ml colognes retail at €57 each, the 45ml pillow mist is €28 and the 165ml diffuser is priced at €82.