The Kardashian's makeup artist has shared a brow trick we've never heard of 5 years ago

The Kardashian's makeup artist has shared a brow trick we've never heard of

This could transform your brows completely.

It's pretty much undisputed that Mario Dedivanovic is an absolute genius.


Earlier this week, Mario gave us some news about the future of brows which will guarantee you spending less time getting ready in the mornings.

When it comes to many of us mere mortals doing our makeup, there's 3 methods many women adopt: a brow gel, powder, or pencil, with everyone choosing their own to suit them.


According to makeup mogul Mario, there's something we've been missing out on all this time and when you read it, it'll make perfect sense.

Mario says that the key to a flawless brow is layering up.

"[Define your brows] with eyebrow pencil and blend it out with a brush, then apply an [eyebrow] powder over top...

"Apply the powder in strokes, layering and blending [as you go]. It's all about layering."

Using a pencil first will determine the shape of the brow easily, but to set it powder is essential.


Heavily using a pencil can leave you with a flat brow which can tend to look unnatural whereas Mario says the added powder gives it a three dimensional, shiny, hair-like finish.

Mario also recommended concentrating on the higher arches of the brows and brushing through them to make them look as natural as possible.

"I focus on the outer corners of the brows because it really lifts and elongates the face and eyes...

"I always apply more product to the outer corners and try to make the inner corners as natural as possible, because you want that area to be wispy."