Kim K just dyed her hair BLUE, and we're loving it 4 years ago

Kim K just dyed her hair BLUE, and we're loving it

What do you think?

It's fairly safe to say that the Kardashian/ Jenner clan are no strangers to change.


This is particularly apt when it comes to changing hair colour - which Kylie and Kim seem to do on the regular.

Kylie, who has become widely known for her mad (but groovy) hair changes, is a massive fan of wigs.

However, her big sister Kim K tends to commit by dying her hair.

Kim K


We all recall her stun platinum blonde bob right? I'm still shook.

Anyhoo, the gorgeous Kim K has just committed to a shiny new hair colour, and it is pretty unexpected.

The reality star and beauty kween was papped earlier this week donning blue hair.

Well, blue-black if I'm to be specific.


Picture a REALLY dark navy, and that's basically Kim's new hair colour - and I love it!

Kimmy's BFF and hairstylist, Chris Appleton, shared the picture of her gorgeous new 'do' on his Instagram yesterday.

In the picture, Kim K is also rocking an all-blue ensemble courtesy of Yeezy season eight - her husband's brand.

Can we also take a moment to talk about the sheer LENGTH of her hair?


Extensions or not (although like, I'm sure they are) - Kim's hair is looking damn good.

Would you try navy hair?